I first worked as a photographer for bands and singer-songwriters, shooting artwork and portraits for album covers and promotional material.
Being a musician myself I found alot to relate to in the people I worked with and I loved the dynamic energy of collaborating with other artists in creating images which reflected their own musical expression.
I then spent two years on the road, chiefly in Southeast Asia and France, seeking fresh exprerience and a sense of the exotic. At this point my photography broadened and became more quiet and observational, opportuning on interesting or beautiful colours, textures, shapes and people that I passed on my journey. Of these visions the ones I found the most compelling were those seen in transit, of wild and forgotten places where the bus didn’t stop.
The desire of being close to nature has led me to the land and to the wilderness where I find so much sincerity and beauty worth being seen and celebrated.
I have developed a very specific method and a style of photographing plants, which I like to think of as plant portraits. As an offshoot of this I am also photographing individual leaves.
On this website you will find a broad selection of my photography, each in it’s own place.
Please take your time in browsing and feel free to get in touch any time.

All the best,

Joseph Shepherd
Autumn 2012